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Alaska Standard Flag 3 x 5 ft. with Fringe
Alaska Standard Flag 3 x 5 ft. with Fringe

Alaska Standard Flag 3 x 5 ft. with Fringe

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Adopted 1926

The blue of the beautiful Alaska Flag is for the evening sky, mountain lakes, and the magnificent ocean. The gold represents the wealth that lies in Alaska's hills and rivers. Seven of the eight stars form the Big Dipper. The eighth star is Polaris, also known as the Northern Star. The design of this flag was done before it became a state. It depicts the Big Dipper and the North Star. Gold on this flag represents Alaska's gold reserves.


Ceremonial Quality
Construction: Nylon printed with gold fringe
- Made from long lasting Nylon
- Ceremonial Gold fringe stitched around edges 
- Double thickness/texture of the "Standard Quality" flags
- Long lasting, bright and beautiful
- Designs are through-printed and visible on both sides  
- Double and quad stitched edges all around
- Reinforced grommet holes with metal rings for added durability
- Attaches easily to any flag pole (indoor or outdoor)
- Fair weather use only/indoor
- Parades, events and honor displays
- Schools, civic events, Scouting
- Long term decoration use
Note: Fringe is securely attached but limits outdoor usage.

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