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3 x 6 Canada Nylon Embroidered Flag
3 x 6 Canada Nylon Embroidered Flag

3 x 6 Canada Nylon Embroidered Flag

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Adopted 1965. This flag was only recently adopted in 1965 after public opinion deemed that the old Canadian flag held them to an allegiance that they no longer felt (the official flag of Canada was the Royal Union Flag, commonly called the Union Jack; the British Red Ensign was also commonly flown, particularly on Canadian buildings overseas). The Maple Leaf has long been a unique symbol of Canada. The two vertical red stripes represent the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans with the white space standing for the vast frozen wastelands of the north. Initially the red stripes were to be blue, however they were changed to red in honor of the blood of those Canadians who lost their lives in World War I.


Civic Quality
Construction: Nylon Embroidered
- Designs are embroidered on both sides (not printed)
- Design reads properly on the front side and backwards on the reverse (as per proper flag construction see here)
- Superior look and feel to printed flags
- Bright thread adds texture and weight
- Long lasting, waterproof, tear and fray resistant material 
- Double and quad stitched edges all around
- Reinforced grommet holes with metal rings for added durability
- Attaches easily to any flag pole
- 1 year "no fade, no fray" guarantee
- Outdoor display use on poles
- Permanent flag displays (i.e. not taken down at night/rain)
- Excellent for events indoor/outdoor, parades
- Schools, churches, civic uses

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